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~ Taurus and Gemini compatibility chart: by Daily Horoscope (   

Taurus and Gemini compatibility chart:
When these two meet there is an immediate attraction! Initially, Taurus will be very responsive to the sparkle of Gemini, and on the other hand, there will be some intrigue Gemini feels about the bluntness of Taurus. Gemini is a changeable and double-faced individual, while Taurus is comfortable with being consistent and is a very faithful person. Gemini has an artistic ability and is very imaginative. These qualities tend to be appealing to Taurus, but Gemini can find it very hard to tolerate the slow nature of Taurus. Gemini is more open-minded and embraces change, on the other hand, Taurus tends to resist change and will find it difficult to stay or keep up with unsettled Gemini. The two of you make a strange pair. You share ideas, knowledge and are able to communicate well. Some of your plans may see the light of day, because Gemini is very instrumental, especially where money is involved. Gemini is a giver in the relationship, while Taurus will be doing more of the receiving. On the other hand, Gemini talks too much, while Taurus is a great listener. The two of you are good at making money decisions, and a business venture for the both of you can prove highly successful. Don’t know if u believe on this kind of stuff but I was bored lol mayraa-lorenaa

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